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Lidinco is a genuine distributor of sound analyzers, noise, and vibration meters from Norsonic and other major brands. These products are used in factories and numerous noise analysis companies around the world.


Measuring noise and sound are important jobs to ensure safety in factories. As well as avoiding environmental noise pollution. A sound analyzer is a measurement equipment that analyzes noise and sound by sound pressure. Also known by other names such as SPL meter, decibel meter, noise meter, or noise dosimeter.

Operation principle:

The noise meter uses a microphone to record sound. Then, the sound will be analyzed, measured in the machine, and displayed on the screen.

The main unit of measurement is dB (decibel). However, many sound analyzers can also determine the Leq equivalent sound level and other acoustic parameters.

With the handheld sound meter, users can easily measure the noise anywhere (schools, factories, industrial parks, companies, houses, airports, work environments ... .). To make sure you are in a safe environment, free from noise pollution. This process also ensures that the allowable noise exposure levels are not exceeded.

In addition, the sound analyzer can be permanently installed to a specific location to regularly monitor the sound level at that area.

Buying Guide:

One of the most important features that you should keep in mind when looking for a noise meter is the class type. Class type is present for the accuracy standard of the product which is based on IEC 61672.

Class 1 is the product with the highest accuracy. Often used in the laboratory for research and analysis. Class 2 is commonly used for noise assessment in basic industrial, commercial, educational, recreational or residential applications. And Class 3 is for general measurements.

Besides, Lidinco also provides solutions and software for sound analysis. Some sound measuring solutions and software that Lidinco offers:

- Airport noise analysis  
- Monitoring station for environmental noise  
- Construction of acoustic works, buildings  
- Material sound insulation properties analysis  
- Software to simulate the impact of the sound from the available sound sources.